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“The FTTH Rates in the Arab World is a very good and useful report. Also, there are a number of other recent reports I have found very informative too. The one on Google RCS, Connected Cars, IOT and AI for example. The more traditional reports you produce such as cellular subscribers and Ad campaigns etc. are useful when needed but it is very interesting reading about what future direction the industry is taking…”
Stephen Nelson, Consultant, Communications Regulatory Authority State of Qatar

“Thank you for sharing this nice report. I will be speaking at MENA ICT in Jordan mid-September about IoT. Your report is handy. Thanks to the analyst/writer.”. 
Haidar Fraihat, Director, Technology for Development Division, UNited Nations ESCWA.

"Cisco has found the Arab Advisors Group information to be a useful source for tracking market trends in the Middle East".
Kathy Burrows, Cisco Systems.

“Arab Advisors group has demonstrated good knowledge of the Telecommunications industry in the MENA region. I enjoy reading their periodic reports/updates”.
Nayef Alnadi, Motorola Middle-East & Africa Regional Corporate Office.

“Arab Advisors Group has been supporting us with a rare commodity, which is consistent, accurate and relevant research across Middle East, backed by a client focused professional team and a solid network institutions…”
One of the Major Investments Houses in Dubai.

“The Arab Advisors Group plays a valuable role in ensuring that Arab telecom companies and administrations are aware of what others are doing in the region. This is important to policy makers, regulators and operators as they increasingly must plan their initiatives in a regional context.”
Emile Najib Cubeisy, Director, ICT Promotion, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

“Arab Advisors Group has been doing a great job in the telecommunications consultancy services since and before Jordan Telecom group was added to their member's list. Arab Advisors Group capable staff will always add value to the work they do. Thank you in advance for all your hard work and efforts in ensuring that we continue to receive the best telecom consulting reports and market analysis.”
Jordan Telecom

“int@j has completed its first year of subscription with the Arab Advisors Group research services, and we were very pleased with the quality and variety of the reports we received.  Given the severe lack of information available about Jordan and the region in general, the data provided within the reports provided our most reliable and utilized source of quality information about the communications sector in the region covered. Being the official IT association of Jordan, we are often asked to deliver presentations/ speeches about ICT development in Jordan.  Naturally, presentations are typically empowered with reliable numbers and statistics.  The reports produced by the Arab Advisors Group have in many cases provided us with the data needed to make our presentations filled with interesting statistics, which in turn made such more attractive to the audience. We congratulate the Arab Advisors Group on a job well done and wish you all the best.” 
Raed Bilbessi, CEO, Information Technology Association - Jordan (int@j).

“Over the past year, we have found the Arab Advisors Group research notes helpful in providing us with insight and data on markets of our interest.  The service of your staff has also been attentive and supportive in our customized requests.”

“After reviewing the outcome of the  [SME Technology Adoption] study and the final report issued by Arab Advisors Group, and after referring to the contractual terms of the assignment, NAFES is glad to note that Arab Advisors Group delivered their contractual obligations in a timely and professional manner, and responded positively to the requirements of the participating SMEs in addressing specific concerns and providing details on collected information.” 
Mr. Abdulraouf Taher, Fund Manager - National Fund for Enterprise Support – Jordan (Nafes)

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