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A Survey Analysis of TV viewing patterns in Egypt

This report provides the results of a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) survey in Egypt. The survey’s fieldwork was conducted in March & April, 2016.

The survey results encompass answers from 500 respondents called randomly that passed rigorous quality control checks. Quality control was conducted by the Arab Advisors Group's team and included randomly re-calling respondents for authenticity and double checking their answers on a selected list of questions.

The survey was conducted based on the demographic breakdown in Egypt for the population above 18 years of age who watch TV.

The survey yields a confidence level of 99% with a margin of error of less than 6%.

The survey targeted respondents who watch content through TV and other methods, such as; content over the Internet and Pay TV providers. The total sample of 500 respondents was contacted through the phone.

The Arab Advisors Group's survey questionnaire covered the following topics:

1.     General information on respondents

2.     TV watching habits

3.     Methods of watching TV

4.     Pay TV

5.     TV applications

6. Interaction methods This report provides the results of a CATI based survey in Egypt for TV viewing patterns.


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