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SAMENA's Beyond Connectivity 2010


This year, the Beyond Connectivity annual conference will focus on the current growth prospects and future opportunities as well as challenges that exist in our industry. The aim is to review markets around the world and analyze the pattern of growth, evolution, and innovation.

While some argue that innovation is not happening in the industry at a desired pace, all consider it to be the name of the game. Innovation needs to happen not only in creating and deploying the most advanced transmission or access technologies, but also in proactively creating new services using both the existing and the new infrastructure and resources; serving growth customer bases by keeping balance between costs, customer demands and service quality; making broadband access real, widespread and cost-effective; investing in efficient optical networks; creating and distributing content; and in inducing greater collaboration within the industry.

This year, SAMENA would like to convene its members and prospects in Lebanon, to discuss how gears need to be shifted in this new era that demands innovation.

Movenpick Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon
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