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Reputation & background Research

Arab Advisors Group launched its new Reputation and Background Research Services in 2012 to help individuals and entities increase their certainty level before making decisions.

Our Reputation and Background Research Services include online background checks on the following aspects:

General online reputation

  • Educational and professional background checks (for individuals)
  • Compliance and governmental matters
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Litigations, corruption and negative media

Reputation and Background Research Services can be used for:

Checking the online reputation of individuals prior to hiring in high positions
  • Checking the online reputation for companies prior to sealing business dealings
  • Checking companies’ own online reputation and taking actions towards defamatory or misleading information on the internet
  • Alert companies of the existence of defamation, harassment, cyber bullying, distortion and fraud reviews
  • General assessment of the online profile for individuals and entities

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