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News and Current Affairs channels have the highest average advertising rates amongst FTA satellite TV channels in the Arab World
Monday, April 18, 2011

The peak average advertising rates of Free-to-Air satellite News and Current Affairs channels in the Arab World reaches US$ 5,419 for a 30-second advertisement aired between 21:00– 22:00 KSA.

Arab Advisors Group’s analysis of advertising rates across 38 Free-to-Air satellite TV channels reveals that FTA satellite TV average ad rates are highest during night time between 21:00 and 22:00 KSA. The average advertising rate for aparticular time segment represents the mean advertising rate for a standard 30-second TV commercial spot (known as a TVC) in that time segment throughout the week.

A new report, “Satellite TV Advertising Rates in the Arab World 2011”, was released by the Arab Advisors Group on April 11, 2011 to the Strategic Research Service Media subscribers. This report can be purchased from the Arab Advisors Group for only US$ 1,200. The 67-page report, which has 56 detailed exhibits, provides detailed analysis of satellite TV advertising rates across 38 FTA satellite TV channels chosen as a representative sample ofthe total market. The choice was also partially based on our survey findings with respect to viewership, where the list includes very popular channels as well as much less popular ones. The categories in which the analyzed channels fall under are as follows: Childrenand Youth channels, General channels, Movies and Series channels,Music channels, News and Current Affairs channels, Religious channels andSports channels.

Please contact the Arab Advisors Group to get a copy of the report’s Table of Contents.

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“News and Current Affairs channels, General channels and Movies and Series channels have the highest average advertising rates amongst the channel categoriescovered in this report. The fact that these channel categories have considerably higher advertising rates than the rest of channels could beattributed to a number of factors such as: High viewership and a wide variety of content” Ms. Danya Nusseir, Arab Advisors Senior Research Analyst, commented.


“Of the38 analyzed FTA satellite TV channels, MBC Group’s Arabic language Generalchannel - MBC1 - has the highest average advertising rate. Whereas, the threeMusic channels: Mazzika, Melody Arabia and Melody Hits, which have identical adrates, have the lowest average advertising rates.” Ms. Noura Abdulhadi, ArabAdvisors Senior Research Analyst, said.


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