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News and current affairs channels have the highest average advertising rates amongst FTA satellite channels in the Arab World
Monday, September 27, 2010

The average advertising rates of free-to-airsatellite news and current affairs channels in the Arab world is US$ 5,219 for a 30-seconds advertisementduring peak time. General FTA channels rates followed while music channels hadthe lowest rates. Ad rates remain quite low by global standards.

 Arab Advisors Group’sanalysis of advertising rates across 38 free-to-air satellite TV channelsrevealed that news and current affairs, general channels, movies and series channelshave the highest average advertising rates amongst the FTA satellitechannels in the Arab World. The average advertising rate for a particular timesegment represents the mean advertising rate for a standard 30-second TVcommercial spot (known as a TVC) in that time segment throughout the week.

A new report, “Satellite TVAdvertising Rates in the Arab World 2010”, was released by the ArabAdvisors Group on September 8, 2010 to the Strategic Research Service Mediasubscribers. This report can be purchased from the Arab Advisors Group for onlyUS$ 1,200. The 62-page report, which has 58 detailed exhibits,provides detailed analysis of satellite TV advertising rates across 38 FTAsatellite TV channels chosen as a representative sample of the total market. 

The choice was also partially based on our surveys’findings with respect to viewership, where the list includes very popularchannels as well as much less popular ones. The categories in which theanalyzed channels fall under are as follows: Children and Youth channels,General channels, Movies and Series channelsMusic channels,News and Current Affairs channels, Religious channels and Sportschannels.

 Please contact the Arab Advisors Group to get acopy of the report’s Table of Contents.

Any investment in thisreport will count towards an annual Strategic Research Service subscription– Media should the service be acquired within three months from purchasingthe report.

 “News and CurrentAffairs channels, General channels and Movies and Series channels have thehighest average advertising rates amongst the channel categories covered inthis report. The fact that these channel categories have considerably higheradvertising rates than the rest of channels could be attributed to a number offactors such as: high viewership and a wide variety of content” Ms. NouraAbdulhadi, Arab Advisors Senior Research Analyst, commented.

 The Arab Advisors Group’s team of analysts in the region has produced 2,000 reports onthe Arab World’s communications and media markets. The reports can be purchasedindividually or received through an annual subscription to Arab AdvisorsGroup’s ( Research Services (Media and Telecom). To date, Arab Advisors Grouphas served 600 global and regional companies by providing reliableresearch analysis and forecasts of Arab communications markets to theseclients. Some of our clients can be viewed on

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