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Market Surveys

Since 2001, Arab Advisors Group's team has been helping our clients gain market insights through reliable and scientific quantitative and qualitative market research. Our Online, Face-to-Face, and Computer-aided Telephone Interviews (CATI) survey capabilities, in addition to our qualified team of analysts handling Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews provide our clients with solid and reliable insights, encompassing all their market intelligence requirements.

Types of market surveys conducted by Arab Advisors Group include:

  • Market description surveys, for determining the size and relative market share of the market
  • Market profiling and segmentation
  • Customer attitudes and expectations surveys
  • New product and Product positioning surveys
  • Test market surveys (product use and acceptability analysis)
  • Brand equity analysis surveys
  • Advertising surveys
  • Customer service surveys
  • Price setting and elasticity of demand surveys
  • Net Promoter Score surveys
  • Customer Effort Score surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction surveys

Geographical Coverage:

Our surveys are focused on the following 19 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen; additional countries are available upon request.

Some of Arab Advisors Group's previously conducted surveys include:

  • TV viewing patterns surveys in Jakarta, Beirut and Tunis
  • Corporate image survey (conducted for a global telecom vendor)
  • Building a Smart Program for Saving Water & Energy through Design and Construction.
  • Smartphone surveys in Iraq, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Data Centres: Trends and challenges in the GCC region
  • Internet Users and e-commerce Surveys in several Arab countries
  • Media Surveys of Internet Users in several Arab countries

For a comprehensive list of Arab Advisors Group past survey reports please visit the following link

Project Managers and surveying teams:

Arab Advisors Group surveyors are skilled bi-lingual interviewers with high levels of conversational and listening skills.

Each project is assigned to a highly experienced Project Manager who is in charge of working closely with the client, to clearly identify the objectives and purpose of the project, fully briefing the surveying teams of the project requirements and the client's precise expectations.

Arab Advisors Group Call Centre characteristics:

  • Equipped with 12 seats
  • Access to databases of consumers and business professionals
  • Random sampling and phone interviews
  • Equipped with a recording system of the phone interviews for quality assurance

Quality Assurance and Control approach for surveys:

Arab Advisors Group guarantees exhaustive quality control and supervision by implementing the following three levels of quality control:

  • The first level of quality control is done by the Project Manager, training the surveyors, and making sure that the questions are rigorously comprehended, and asked in a clear and unambiguous manner. Moreover, during the field work, the project manager will closely monitor the surveyors, making sure that the survey is conducted in a sound manner, and solve any issues that may occur.
  • The second level of quality control is done by the Arab Advisors team of research analysts, where a sample of 10% out of the total sample size will be selected randomly and called once again to make sure they did have the survey. Moreover, the Arab Advisors Group research team will be asking these respondents random questions to validate their answers. In Addition, for the CATI surveys the project manager will listen to a random sample of the call recordings to evaluate and ensure the quality of work done by the surveying teams.
  • The third level is done after importing the data into the survey software as follows: Selected filters will be applied to the data to filter out respondents with contradictory answers.

    Furthermore for this purpose, some redundancy is intentionally included in the questionnaire to ensure getting the answer twice -but in a different way- to the same question, in order to double checkRespondents filtered out will be directly replaced with a new one of the same characteristics.

    This level of quality control is aimed at respondents giving unreliable answers i.e. this filters non-serious respondents.

Contact Information:

  • Tel: 962 6 568 1608
  • Fax: 962 6 568 1530
  • Email

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