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The Internet captures eyeballs away from TV viewing in Egypt
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A new Arab Advisors’ survey of Internet users in Egypt revealed that the peak time for browsing the Internet for entertainment and personal issues is after 9 PM which coincides with the peak time for TV viewing. The survey provides insightful details on the Internet usage patterns, media consumption and online habits of the Internet users in Egypt.


A new Arab Advisors online survey of Egypt Internet users revealed that the Internet was the most common source amongst respondents for getting daily and global news, getting information and for looking for job vacancies with 69.7%, 97.6% and 57.1% for each respectively. The survey also revealed that the peak time for browsing the Internet for entertainment and personal issues amongst respondents is at night time (after 9 PM) which is also with the peak time for TV viewing. This confirms that Internet -especially broadband- has become a major competitor for TV amongst Internet users in Egypt.


The new survey of the Internet users in Egypt was concluded by the Arab Advisors Group on August 2009. The survey report, A Survey of Internet Use and Online Advertising Consumption and Effectiveness in Egypt, was released on September 1, 2009 and provides the results of the survey. The survey covered media consumption habits, online use habits and trends, online advertising and online security.


The survey report has 86 pages and 93 exhibits. Please contact the Arab Advisors Group to get a copy of the report’s Table of Contents. The ArabAdvisors Group now avails a secure online payment option for purchasing its reports.


Respondents were randomly targeted by receiving an email shot in their inbox to ask them to fill the survey in cooperation with Egypt's leading Internet service provider - TE Data. Moreover, an online banner was placed on TE Data's website.To entice respondents to fill the survey, there was a prize of US$ 300 in a raffle. The survey results encompass answers from 3,348 respondents that passed rigorous quality control checks that included confirming the email addresses and randomly confirming answers with the respondents. Quality control was conducted by Arab Advisors Group’s team.The survey was conducted on the general Internet population. The online survey yields a confidence level of 99% with a margin of error of less than 3%.


This survey report can be purchased from the Arab Advisors Group for only US$ 2,000 for subscribers to Arab Advisors Strategic Research Services. Non-Subscribers to Arab Advisors Groups Strategic Research Services can order the report for US$ 3,000. Or maximize the value, opt for the heavily discounted bundle offer and receive this survey report along with similar surveys for Saudi ArabiaUAEand Jordan for a total investment of US$ 3,000 for subscribers and US$ 4,200 for non-subscribers.


"The survey of Egypt Internet users revealed that international players have the largest share of email and search services where 85.8% of respondents, who have an email account, use Yahoo and 99.0% of respondents, who use search engines, use Google." Ms.Noura Abdulhadi, Arab Advisors Senior Research Analyst commented. "Regional players lag far behind with shares ofless than 4%". Ms. Abdulhadi added. 


The survey also revealed that a majority (94.7%) of respondents had a landline phone in their house.93.5% of respondents had a desktop computer, which is expected as the survey isof Internet users in Egypt.


The Arab Advisors Group divided the survey questionnaire into two main sections probing Internet users'views, use and perceptions of Online use habits and trends and Online advertising.  


The sections provide abalanced focus on the following areas:


Online use habits and trends

  • Internet usage
  • Online activities
  • Online shopping
  • Email use
  • Browsing patterns and preferences
  • Chatting websites and/or software used
  • Internet search use patterns and preferences
  • Frequency of reading blogs
  • Membership in forums


Online advertising

  • Awareness of the different online advertising tools: ad banners, sponsored links, ad emails and pop-up banners 
  • Perception of online advertising 


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