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Egypt Internet users and e-commerce survey 2012

A new Arab Advisors Group survey of Egypt's Internet users revealed that around 22.4% of Internet users in the country use e-commerce services to buy products or services or pay their bills online. Electronics are the most popular products bought online, followed by software, while airline tickets booking and website subscriptions are the top services paid for online.

A new major survey of Internet users in Egypt was concluded by the Arab Advisors Group in February 2012. The survey revealed that around 22.4% of Internet users in Egypt use e-commerce services to buy products or services or pay their bills online. The Arab Advisors Group conservatively estimates the number of these users to be around 2.8 million, which is around 3.4% of the total population in Egypt.

The survey report, "Egypt Internet users and e-commerce survey 2012was released on March 26, 2012 and provides the results of a major comprehensive online survey of Internet users in Egypt. The survey probed the patterns and trends of Internet use in Egypt including online and video gaming, mobile Internet, e-commerce, online banking (e-banking) and e-government. The report has 85 pages and 101 exhibits

Respondents were randomly targeted by receiving an email shot in their inbox in cooperation with Egypt's major ISP, TE Data. Moreover, TE Data also promoted the survey through their presence on Facebook. The survey results encompass answers from 856 respondents that passed rigorous quality control checks. Quality control was conducted by Arab Advisors Group's team and included checking email addresses for authenticity and built-in question redundancy to filter out non-serious respondents. The survey was conducted on the general Internet population, including both genders and all age groups across Egypt. The online survey yields a confidence level of 99% with a margin of error of less than 5%.

This survey report can be purchased from the Arab Advisors Group for only US$ 1,750 for subscribers to Arab Advisors Strategic Research Services. Non-Subscribers to Arab Advisors Groups Strategic Research Services can order the report for US$ 2,250.

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