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Arabic Reality TV shows secure a prominent place in FTA Sat TV programming
Monday, April 9, 2012

Coinciding with the conclusion of the first season of Arab Idol, Arab Advisors Group releases a new report analyzing reality TV shows in the Arab world. The report covers reality TV shows airing on nine FTA satellite channels for the season 2011/2012.  The analysis reveals that the number of shows that were locally-produced by the stations is higher than licensed-format-based reality TV shows.

Spurred by the liberalization and the boom in satellite TV supply and viewership, many channels in the Arab TV industry recognize the need for offering quality content to maintain their attraction to viewers and advertisers. Reality TV's attraction lies in its relative novelty to audiences as well as its lower costs of production as participants are mainly regular people and not highly paid movie and TV stars.

A new report, "Arabic Reality TV Shows" was released to the Arab Advisors Group's Media Strategic Research Service subscribers on March 13, 2012. This report can be purchased from the Arab Advisors Group for only US$ 950. The 36-page report, which has 18 detailed exhibits, provides analysis of the Reality TV landscape in the Arab World. The report includes analysis and profiles of nineteen major Arabic reality TV shows on nine FTA satellite TV channels during the period from January 2011 till February 2012, including the reality shows in production to be aired thereafter (the season 2011/2012).This includes locally produced as well as licensed-format-based reality TV shows. The content of the Arabic reality shows as well as the content of the original licensed format is discussed. The report points out the Arabic production companies that have played a role in the Arabic reality TV market.

The report also covers reality TV shows that the nine channels aired and are planning to air in 2012. It reveals that the majority of these shows are sequels to previous successful seasons. Examples include "Arabs Got Talent" and "Najm Al Khaleej".

"13 out of 17 reality TV shows aired in 2011 were original shows rather than licensed formats from global companies." Ms. Yasmine ElGharaibeh, Arab Advisors Research Analyst wrote in the report. "Moreover, channels are increasingly employing social media as a tool for increased interactivity with their audience." Ms. ElGharaibeh added.

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