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Arab Advisors Group predicts strong growth in Jordan's Internet market
Saturday, February 3, 2001

First research of its kind puts the number of Internet users in the country at more than 100,000 users' 
AMMAN, Jordan, Feb. 3, 2001 -
The Arab Advisors Group (, a specialized new economy strategic research and consulting company, announced the release of two comprehensive landscape and projections research reports on the Jordanian Internet and telecommunication industry.
Based on extensive primary research and analysis, in addition to secondary research and field surveys, the Arab Advisors Group concluded in the reports that the Jordanian Internet market is showing early signs of maturity and predicted strong growth ahead in the coming few years.
In the first research of its kind to determine and project the number of Internet subscribers and users in the country, the Arab Advisors Group said that the number of Internet subscribers in Jordan today stands at approximately 35,000 subscribers, while the number of users already exceeds 100,000 users.
The reports, which were released to the Arab Advisors Group Strategic Research Subscribers, and made available also for online purchase through Arab Advisors Group web site (, includes a detailed historic analysis, as well as five-year projections of Internet subscribers in the country. Moreover, the reports have more than 40 other Internet, telecommunication, and general economic and demographic indicators, including research released for the first time such as the number of mobile subscribers and the number of personal computers in the country.
The Jordan Internet Landscape report presents its analysis in the form of three segments of the Jordanian Internet market - access, content and commerce. The analysis is supported by detailed profiles of select segment players. The trends discussed in the reports include the emergence of regional players, the new direction and strategy of Jordan Telecom, the upcoming availability of broadband services, and the effect of Internet Cafés on the access market, amongst many other trends and conclusions.
According to the Arab Advisors Group's Jordan Internet Landscape Report, the success of early movers in the country like and has encouraged the emergence of more specialized B2B and content plays over the past year. The report discusses the regional role of Jordanian content companies, and analyses their strategies and the challenges they face.
The Arab Advisors Group's Jordan Projections Report, on the other hand, ventures into the effect of current promoters and inhibitors of the future of the Jordanian Internet and telecommunications markets, across a five-year projection period.
The Jordan Projections Report takes into account: the state of the economy, population growth, operator strategies and the future of the regulatory framework in the country.
The Jordan Projections Report analyses both cellular operators' strategies, the effect of Jordan Telecom's recent launch of its data services suite and value added services, and the effect of regulatory developments in the country on the sector at large.

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